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Legal Notice

1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to set up the legal rules regulating the use of the Web Site (hereinafter, the Site.). in case the English Translation is not accurate enough, the Spanish version is the only one valid that take legal effects.

The Site  include all the pages, contents, designs  and the information inside, and it is exclusive property of Munsuri, S.L. , and the Site is accessed through the domain

The use of this web page, and all the services open to the visitor, means  the complete acceptance of all the ‘general conditions’ included in this legal notice. The web visitor should be aware of the important fact of reading the general conditions every time this web is visited. Access to the Site implies the knowledge and acceptance of all the general conditions set up hereby, so Munsuri recommends the web visitor to load and print this Legal Notice and read them carefully every time the Site is visited.


2.- General Information.

Munsuri S.L: is the company responsible for this web site. Our operational address is at Málaga C.P. 29015, Calle Don Juan Díaz, 2 -3º floor. (Spain). Our Spanish fiscal number is ES-b92.113.596, and our E-mail contact address is: and phone number +34.618.374.297. web site:

Munsuri S.L. Mercantile Register information: Mercantile Register of the province of Malaga, (Tomo 2476, libro 1389, Folio 122, Seccion 8, Hoja: MA-40320 inscription number one).

Activity. Munsuri, S.L. is a company that through its web address , sells garment, mainly swim fashion as well as home textiles.


3.- Site Use.

The acceptance of the General Conditions implies the proper use of the Web Site and the services included herein. It is forbidden to use this Site for uses other than the ones established at these general conditions, especially any misuse that may affect third party interests or that could affect negatively the proper working of the Site or the products and services offered therein currently or in the future.


4.- User’s Responsibility.

The Web site address is and access to the Site is at the exclusive responsibility of the User. The Risks that may take place for the use of this Site will be supported only by the User.

Munsuri S.L. does not give any guarantee to the user as to:

a. the stability , availability, the existence of any web inexactitudes  or security of the Site.

b. the information that goes through the site may be free of viruses or the any errors, deficient designs and / or omissions.

c. The security through the use of the Site. Munsuri SL will not be responsible of any damage or loss produced because of omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, phone or communications interruptions, or electronic breakdowns not attributable to Munsuri SL.

In addition, Munsuri is exempted from any responsibility about any damage produced to the web user due to error, defects or omissions in the information reported by Munsuri from third parties.

The fact of visiting the Munsuri Web Site does not imply the existence of any commercial relation between Munsuri and this user.


5.- Accuracy and Information changes.

The information presented at the Site at any moment is considered accurate since the last updated version. Munsuri S.L. has the right to erase, modify of eliminate any information from the Site, and may limit the access or do not allow access to the Site. Munsuri S.L. has the option to carry out any changes or modifications of the Site without previous notice at any time.


6.- Contents.

Munsuri, S.L. make all endavours to avoid any errors in the contents included at the Site. Munsuri S.L. does not guarantee and does not take any responsibility for the consequences that could take place from any error inside the contents provided by third parties.

Munsuri, S.L. is not responsible for any contents, commercial activities, products or services that could be offered or advertised  through links if exist, through the Site.

The existence of links at the Site has the exclusive purpose of supplying information, and in no case, represents and invitation, recommendation or advise about those links and their contents. These Links do not mean that there is any relation between Munsuri, S.L. and the companies or the people that have this web sites.

Munsuri S.L. has the right to eliminate at any moment every link, included at the Site without previous notice of any kind. Munsuri S.L. keep the right to avoid access to the Site, to any user that publish content of any kind that goes against the legal rules or the morality, keeping the right to take legal actions considered necessary or appropriate for avoiding this type of acts.


7.- Web Access and Security.

Munsuri S.L. make all endevours to produce the best browsing situation at the Site. Munsuri S.L. is not responsible for the damage produced by the use of any other web browser or any version different from the browsers which the Site has been designed for.

Munsuri S.L. is not responsible for and does not guarantee that the Site could not be interrupted or is free from any error. Munsuri S.L.  does not take responsibility either and does not guarantee that the content or the software used to access the Site is free from any error or damage.


8.- Personal Data Preservation & Privacy Policy.

The use and custody of personal data and the data Communications Systems used by Electronic methods, fulfill the Spanish current laws ( Ley Orgánica15/1999,13 de Diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (B.O.E.14/12/1999) y en la Ley34/2002, de 11 de Julio de Servicios de la Sociedad de la información y de Correo Electrónico (B.O.E.12/07/2002)).


Data obtention and Treatment of data.

Munsuri S.L. may obtain this personal data: Name, Address and E-mail. This data will be sourced by the user freely, by an online form to allow the user to purchase the diverse product & services offered and to identify each order with each customer.

All this confidential information obtained through our web site is encrypted and protected from others. in no case, shall Munsuri S.L. keep the data in a way so that payment method information could be connected with the holder’s identity.

Important: The data from credit Card are input directly through the secured bank web or PayPal web. Munsuri S.L. does not either transfer this information or store it.

Newsletter: the personal data sourced by the users when they sign in our newsletter will only be used to send them periodic information about new products, offer, and order news about the company or the fashion world.


Rights of use of personal data.

Munsuri S.L. Guarantees the user personal data rights, of access, modification or cancelation. The user may contact Munsuri S.L. at the company operation address in Málaga C.P. 29015, Calle Don Juan Díaz, 2 -3º floor. (Spain).

The customer & the user of the Site has the right to access their personal data and modify or rectify its personal information, cancel it as well as to unsubscribe the Munsuri newsletter. In order to fullfill its rights, the user should contact  Munsuri S.L. through the e-mail used to register , or to the e-mail address In any case, Munsuri S.L. is committed to erase or cancel all personal data, when is no longer necessary to keep them for the purpose for which they were initially collected.



Munsuri S.L. agrees to be against any Spam practice. Munsuri S.L. does only send information to the users that sign in  our newsletter service. The user accept our general conditions web browsing and our private policy when receiving the distributed Munsuri Newsletter.


Changes in Private Policy Rules.

Munsuri S.L. may change at any time the private policy rules according to any change in current Spanish law, specially the ones about the users´ rights and confidentially of personal data. Any user that may not agree with these changes are recommended not to continue browsing at this web page.


9.- Use of Cookies.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. We use them for analysis and measurement on our website. Any User that does not want to receive Cookies or want to be informed  about their existence may configure the browser for this option.

Munsuri S.L the web owner . and Tiendy Software S.L.  responsible for the web management could get information from the user’s computer (including IP address, Operative System used, and browser Type) for the System administration. The type of information obtained is statistical information about browsing through our web Site.


10.- Intellectual Property & Author Rights.

Munsuri S.L. declares that unless otherwise indicated, the Texts, pictures, illustrations, designs, images, videos, sounds and any other findings or inventions technical or scientific, with any the industrial or business use, have been created & or designed by Munsuri S.L. or Munsuri S.L. has been authorized or licensed by the property rights´ owner.

The user is not allow to use or make changes on any design, pictures, trade mark or item with copyright belonging to Munsuri S.L. or Third Parties without express authorization.

Some graphic resources that we have used have been obtained from the web Freepik.

11.-  Jurisdiction & current law on duty.

General conditions stated at this legal notice are subject to Spanish Law. Munsuri S.L. & the web user of the Site agree that any dispute about interpretation or contents of this legal Notice have to be resolved by the Legal Courts of the city of Málaga ( Spain), & the user accepts this agreement without any objection.